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Bakery Industry

Baking Industry

For the baking industry, quality is of the utmost importance, but the ingredients and processes present a unique set of challenges for bakers and manufacturers. 

A&D offers flexible system integration to fit the needs of baking professionals that make fresh or frozen flour-based products, like bread, rolls, baked goods, cakes, pastries, doughnuts, and raw dough products. 

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100% product inspection often eases the concerns of bakers whose aim is to provide a top-notch product to their fans, but this isn’t always the end of the story.  The baking industry has some areas they must consider during the manufacturing process that are different from the rest of the consumer packaged goods industry.

Contract Packaging

Many bakers outsource the manufacturing of the product packaging itself, which means trusting a third party to comply with your standards of quality.  

100% Inspection can help bakers identify problems before they are in the marketplace.  If problems are found, solutions can be put in place for improvements with the packaging manufacturer sooner. 

Many Production Areas

In a baking facility, there are various production zones, which means there are more opportunities for stainless steel contaminants to make their way into a product than in other types of consumer packaged goods.  

Inspection by metal detectors can not only find ferrous material, like stainless steel, but non-ferrous material, like aluminum, which is often used in production of baked goods as well.

Product Inconsistencies

While all manufacturers must worry about product quality, the baking industry faces a unique issue when it comes to inconsistencies.  Issues like air bubbles in bread or rolls, missing cookies, or other anomalies within your product can negatively impact the consumer experience with your brand.

Product Inspection via combinations of X-ray, metal detection, and checkweighing can help prevent these quality issues from making it to store shelves.

Dusty & Humid Environment

Dry ingredients, such as flour, and wet ingredients, like eggs and water, create a unique environment that is harsh on production equipment.  

Because of this, equipment can wear more quickly, which is one of the reasons metal detection is so important in baked goods.  

A&D Inspection offers a variety of IP rated products to not only help ensure contaminants are found, but avoid wear and tear on your inspection equipment, too.

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In baked goods production, there are also many touchpoints required to provide 100% inspection, which may include checkweighing, metal detection, and even x-ray inspection.  A&D Inspection can help at each step along the way. 

Raw Ingredient Inspection

Hopper Installation

If proof of ingredient inspection is not provided, many bakers inspect raw ingredients before the enter the production line. 

Dough Inspection

Dough Inspection

Another inspection opportunity for bakers is prior to the baking process because the goods have not yet been packaged.  If contamination is present, dough can be rejected before costs are expended on baking and packaging operations.

Post-Baking Inspection

Post-baking Inspection

At this stage, many bakers choose to inspect for ferrous or non-ferrous contaminants as well as for over- and under-weights to protect their brand’s reputation and ensure quality.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Pre-shipment Inspection

At this stage, the baked goods themselves have been fully inspected, but case packs can also be inspected by a checkweigher and/or X-ray prior to shipping to avoid costly retailer chargebacks and returns.

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Why Trust A&D Inspection?

From raw ingredients to the store shelves, product inspection is a key component of ensuring quality in the baked goods industry, one you shouldn’t trust to just anyone.  

  • A&D is an established global company that has been a trusted provider of long-lasting and reliable measurement instrumentation for over 40 years.
  • Our checkweighers, metal detectors, and X-ray systems are suitable for direct food contact and are rated to handle the baking environment with ease, meeting USDA standards.
  • Our inspection equipment is trusted to assure quality for some of the most popular bakery brands in the world.
  • Ask us about existing installs that run 365 days a year worldwide.
  • Our intuitive software and user interface allows customers to easily setup new products and view production reports.

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