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2,000g Checkweigher

  • 500g/2000g capacity

  • .08/.18g +/- repeatability

  • Up to 320 Pieces per minute


Stores up to 1000 products

Stores up to 1000 products

Products can be divided into 10 different groups with up to 100 products able to be recorded within each group.

Unique modular design

Unique modular design

AD-4961 consists of four units: an infeed conveyor unit, a weighing conveyor unit, a control unit and a base unit, allowing fast and simple assembly.

Best in class precision

Best-in-class precision

With a newly developed digital load cell and an ultra-high speed processing module, high level precision of 0.08 g been realized.

Image import from USB

Image import from USB

Product images can be quickly uploaded to the checkweigher from a USB flash drive, making product identification and upload fast and simple.

Remote Support

Remote Support with A&D READY

Maximize uptime with remote service, available for your networked inspection systems.

Lightweight and compact design

Lightweight and compact design

With its modular structure, the AD-4961 allows for rapid and simple installation.

IP Rated


Protected from dust and water to IP65 standards. Our hygenic design is complemented by standard food grade belting.

Optimization of weighing configuration

Optimization of weighing configuration

By inputting throughput (products per minute) or belt speed (m.min), optimal weighing conditions can be automatically set.

7 inch color touch panel

7 inch color touch panel

The display utilizes a high visibility touch panel color LCD with friendly Graphic User Interface (audio guidance support function included).

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There's no tradeoff necessary: simplicity and best-in-class precision with the 2,000g Checkweigher from A&D.  This in motion checkweigher is versatile with dual range capacity and high repeatability.  Perfect for products such as bottled paint samples and applications in food & beverage,fresh fruits in clamshells.


  • Capacity: 500g or 2000g | Dual Range
  • Resolution: 0.01g
  • Repeatability: 0.08g +/- | 0.18g +/-
  • Throughput: up to 320 ppm

Reasons for introducing checkweighing solutions for your production line:                                     

Reason 1 Avoiding costly fines and order rejects Reason 4 Product filling machine feedback
Reason 2 100% product inspection Reason 5 Avoid additional labor costs & reduce false rejects
Reason 4 Produce more packages with materials saved Reason 6 Improve efficiency in your process
Model AD-4961-2KD-2035
Capacity 500 g /2,000 g | 1.1 lbs / 4.4 lbs
Resolution .01g /.1g
Accuracy 0.08g / 0.18g +/-
Max. Throughput 320 pcs/min
Conveyor Belt width 200mm | 7.8 in
Conveyor belt length 350mm | 13.7 in
Conveyor Belt Material Urethane
Belt Speed 15 ~ 120 m/min | 49 ~ 393 ft/min
Max. Product Dimensions Length: 30 ~ 300 mm | 1 ~ 11.8 in Width: 200mm | 7.8 in
Weighing Sensor Strain gauge load cell
Display 7" color touch screen
Number of product registration 1,000 items  (10 groups x 100 items)
Comunication Protocol Modbus TCP / RTU | RS-232 / 485 | TCP/IP (Postscript Printer) | USB
External input 4 contact inputs
External output 8 24v outputs
Dust/Water resistence rating IP65
Operational Temperature and humidity  -5 ~ 40 Celcius Humidity below 85%
Power Supply Single Phase AC100-240V (+10% / -15%) 50/60 Hz 180 VA
External Dimensions Length: 700mm / Width : 600mm / Height: 710-860 mm | Length: 27.5 in / Width: 25.9 in / 27.9 - 33.8 in
Weight Aprox. 35 kg / 86 lbs
Construction Material Stainless Steel
Part number Description
AD4961-01 Display Stand
AD4961-02 Tower light
AD4961-2035-MNT Maintenance Kit 2KD
AD4961-11 Upper Breeze break
AD4961-12 Lower breeze break
AD4961-13 Cross plate
AD4961-14 Product guide

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