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High performance/high precision weighing modules

  • Patented C-SHS weighing & EM-DLC analog to digital converter ensure precise results every time
  • High speed & high resolution for in-line production weighing, filling, checkweighing, or enclosed environments 
  • Compact durable design to protect against vertical & transverse overloads, vibration & draft

Key Features

External Calibration
Dust & Waterproof
GLP/GMP/ISO Compliant
Data Memory
Auto On/Off
5 Year US Warranty



High Performance

  • Highest precision & accuracy due to Compact Super Hybird Sensor (C-SHS)
  • Wide range of capacity from 21g to 6000g with high resolution from microgram to milligram
  • Fast response speed ranging 0.5 to 1.3 seconds depending on environment & model
  • High-speed data transmission of 50 times per second
  • Smart Weighing Range function on dual capacity range models

Compact Durable Robust Construction

  • IP65 dust and waterproof constructed to withstand tough weighing environments
  • Stainless steel (SUS304) pan and housing will hold up in tough production settings
  • Compact footprint of 59 to 80 width makes it ideal of tight confined spaces: in-line or enclosed 
  • C-SHS protects and stabilizes against vertical and transvere overload, vibration & drafts influences
  • Easily withstand 10 million repeated loadings or more

Flexible Integration

  • Standard Bi-directional RS-232C, with LAN communication available through AD-8526 serial/Ethernet converter 
  • Comes with or with out remote controller such a AD8922A  
  • Easy Direct Connection to PC or PLC or supported by WinCT software (lab settings)
  • Upgrade to AD-8923-CC for seamless CC-Link interface to transmit into PC/PLC of choice
  • Easy mountable base and display and slim design allow multiple units to be easily aligned in mass production rows
  • Possible to fit with a custom weighing pan of your choice
Max Capacity (gram) 620
Readability 0.001 g
Repeatability (grams) 0.001 g
Linearity ±0.005 g
Calibration External
Stablization Time 0.5-1.0 sec
Weighing Pan Dimensions (mm/inches) 50 × 50 mm/ 1.96x1.96"
Product Dimensions (mm/inches) 59 X 231 X 91mm/2.3x9.1x3.5
Breeze Break NA
Applications Comparator, Counting, Animal Weighing
Weighing Units g, mg, oz, ozt, ct, mom, dwt, grain
Connectivity RS-232C , Ethernet/LAN
Product # Description
AD-8923 Remote Controller 
AD-8922A Remote Controller with display and keypad
AD4212A-01 BCD output / External contact input
AD4212A-04 5-level comparator contact output
AD4212A-07  Extension cable (3m) 
AD4212A-08  Ethernet interface (With application software WinCT-plus in CD-ROM) 
AD4212A-19  Stainless steel breeze break ( Standard for AD-4212A-100) 
AD4212A-20 Metal leveling foot
AX:USB-2920-25P USB to 25P RS232C converter
AD-8951  Comparator Light
AD-1683  Static Eliminator
AD-1684  Electrostatic field meter