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Learn About Checkweighing

Increase quality control and reduce waste with highly-accurate in-motion checkweighers that are customized to your application, environment, and legal requirements.  A&D's versatile solutions are accurate and dependable for industries from food and beverage to pharmaceutical to chemical, and for various product sizes, shapes, and weights.



X-ray Inspection



Learn About X-ray Inspection

Increase consumer and brand protection with next level quality assurance.  The ProteX Series uses advanced algorithms in a compact design to provide inspection for contaminants such as metals and bone fragments, but also consumer quality issues, such as clumps, missing or damaged product, and broken seals.  

Metal Detectors

Metal Detector

Learn About Metal Detectors

Safety and reliability are top priority in A&D's line of metal detectors, whether you integrate them with a checkweigher or are looking for a stand-alone system.  Tailored for your application, the variable frequencies can detect the finest particles of ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants while eliminating false rejects and reducing costs.

Service Programs

Service Simplified

Learn About Service Simplified

Just like any other equipment, inspection systems need care and maintenance to function properly. Find out how a service plan from A&D helps ensure performance, maximize uptime, and provide peace of mind in a package that suits your business' needs.

Need help or have questions?

To open a service ticket please email: [email protected] Or for immediate help call 408-518-5146




A&D Inspection specializes in helping Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Plastics and other businesses ensure consistency and quality in their production lines.  A&D's award-winning checkweighersmetal detectors, and X-ray systems are accurate, dependable, and offer practical solutions for companies that need weighing and inspection solutions.  No matter your industry, A&D will partner with you to customize the fit to your application, whether your focus is cost reduction, modularity, conformity, throughput, wet environment, and much more. Our systems are easy to use, simple to integrate, and a breeze to maintain.

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